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Amir Rahimi, PhD

Amir Rahimi, PhD
Principal Research Scientist
Data Science

- Focus Areas: Data analysis/mining, machine learning, predictive analysis, big data and multi-modal data analysis, pattern recognition, modeling and algorithm development, rare signal extraction, simulation, image and signal analysis; sensors and detector development, instrumentation. 

- Software tools I have used: C++, Java, C#, Matlab, Python with NumPy/SciPy, Labview, Perl, and experience in SQL, JIRA, Agile, Netbeans, Visual Studio, XML, Eclipse (mostly learned on my own).

- HARDWARE: Sensors, radiation detectors, high speed electronics (picosecond scale), plasma etch.

- I have experience with neural networks, boosted decision trees, principle component analysis, deep learning, anomaly and fraud detection, random forests, natural language processing.

Office Locations
(818) 317-5000
3011 Malibu Canyon Road, Malibu, CA 90265-4797
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