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Marjan Amini, Pharm D

Marjan Amini, Pharm D.
Tormed Pharmacy
Marjan Amini is a visual artist. The main focus in her recent practice has been an investigation of derelict interior architectural spaces and the ability to explore a 3D space on a 2D surface whilst creating the same feelings one may experience while physically exploring a derelict space; feelings such as the uncanny, involuntary memories, transgressive freedom and melancholy. A further curiosity is examining how time resonates within the spaces and how the transition from inhabited to abandoned space takes place. As part of her research, urban exploration along with photography have become key factors in physically and psychologically understanding more about these spaces. Her paintings are derived from a compilation of imaginary images and reality constructing a world of its own. A mixture of mediums are used in the work process mainly oils , acrylic & ink; applied in layers of thin washes and glazes on canvas gradually built on top of each other to create the finished piece.
Office Location

(310) 326-7706
3440 Lomita Blvd, Torrance, CA 90505
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