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Mona Monzavi, DMD

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Mona Monzavi, DMD
Periodontist and Implantologist

Dr. Monzavi is a Board-Certified periodontist and Implantologist.  She received her doctorate in
dental medicine from the University of Pittsburgh and her certificate in advanced periodontology and implant surgery from Loma Linda University.


She has been actively involved in dental research on themes of Periodontology, implantology,
and regeneration since 2008.

At present, her research emphasizes in Zirconia dental implants. Her recent publication on this
topic was awarded the certificate of outstanding research by the California society of
periodontology and western society of periodontology.  She is currently completing further
pioneering scientific projects on Zirconia implants at the state-of-the-art research facilities
including University of California Santa Barbara Microscopy and Microanalysis lab and INSA
Lyon (Institut national des sciences appliquees de Lyon) in France.


Link to publication: 


Link to publication: 

Office Location

(310) 274-0809
120 South Spalding Drive, Suite 201, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

She lectures nationally and internationally on the topic of ceramic dental implantology and currently provides Zirconia implant as a treatment option for superior healing potential, esthetics and reduced plaque retention.

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